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Get Empowered with Let US Talk About IT, Coaching.

Everyday is the day!

Welcome to Let US Talk About IT, Coaching. I understand that life’s challenges are unique and complex to all individuals. As a fully certified Coaching Professional serving the New Jersey and New York area, I’m here to help you figure yourself out and realize your full potential. If you’re feeling lost, stressed, and stuck. I’ll show you how to move forward in a mindful manner at your own speed. 

Every day is a day we are given an opportunity to create a new beginning, to make new choices, to put one foot forward, to make another radical decision, to look fear in the eyes, and to beat the odds of the "WHAT IF'S".


My Story

Are we the products of our environments or the possible outcomes that we could be? Whichever is true, it gives us a choice.

I was born in a foreign country: in the United Methodist Hospital, northeast Liberia in the heart of the Liberian civil war. I migrated to the U.S. at the age of eight. The day I stepped out of JFK airport, my life changed in the March cold breeze. Not knowing a word of English for my first few months of elementary school, I learned to communicate with my classmates and teachers, total strangers to me, using gestures. In recess and lunch breaks, I felt like I was on a battlefield, but I had to survive them every day.

Five years later, I was still taking English as a second language (ESL) classes and struggling to put words together. But I came to understand the importance of effective communication through my writing—I realized the powerful impact I could have in the classroom while doing group work, taking the lead in presentations, and coordinating projects. I thrive on having the same effect on my teammates, both on and off the field, and on other members of my afterschool clubs, like the debate team, I joined to strengthen my English. By the end of my junior year of high school, I was president of the debate team.

Today I realize that it wasn’t my language skills that got me there, but my ability to work with others and come to an understanding with each of them. Interacting in constructive, harmonious, and cooperative ways created strong and healthy confidence in myself, my ability to form relationships, and my cultural adaptability.

It was also due to meeting others halfway and helping them overcome their problems and concerns strategically. They say that nothing in life comes easy. Everything we do requires patience, persistence, and effort. Living a deep, authentic, fulfilling life is a priceless reward. I am a living example of this because of the obstacles I encountered, making my transitions a lot easier and meriting competing demands.

Since 2016, I have dedicated my time to researching humans interactions. I have mentored individuals of all ages, religions, backgrounds, lifestyles, and occupations, and even family and friends. I have also trained professional managers in workplace environments, providing them with the tools to transfer their skills and abilities into coaching others.

Earlier in my life, I understood the importance of living a fulfilled, abundant, purposeful, and unified life in our unique situations and the circumstances we stumble upon along the way on our endless journey through this thing called “self-discovery.” I applied my understanding of everything, including helping others deal with situations they thought were impossible. The beauty of being a life coach is having wonderful conversations in safe and confidential environments.

What makes my coaching unique is my joy in the comfort of my client’s space. I came to this understanding through my research when I mentored students on campus, and some immediately suggested their places of preference.  

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My Coaching Story

Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

Not until 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, did I decide to pursue a career as a life coach from my home. My company specializes in training individuals and groups strategically and efficiently reaching their personal and professional goals. I thrive in working with stress-management programs for people in stressful work or personal environments. I train clients to take a meaningful approach to life coaching that touches the lives of people. My training and coaching enable my clients to achieve their life goals and be what they want to be. I treat all my clients with love, care, and respect and my training offers them support and steadiness, without going too far into the overall commitment and passion for my work and how it will resonate and make your lives better. Let’s talk.   


The essence of my work is to facilitate self-growth by helping you identify the core challenges and setbacks in your life so that you can overcome them with confidence. I specialize in creating personalized plans and providing tools to guide you forward and achieve your desired goals.


My services from me to you:

  • Living Purpose

  • Leadership Coaching 

  • New perspectives, behaviors, and habits

  • Providing a source of support, empowerment, encouragement, and motivation 

  • Greater awareness around choices and the impact of actions

There is always a place for improvement.

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"Every Second that tics takes us farther from the beginning and brings us closer to the end"

Mariem Sanoe

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